Since 1921

The Delmar Fire Department was organized October 16, 1921. Since that time many Chartered and Honorary Members, thirty four Life Members as well as today’s Active Members, have watched the Delmar Fire Department grow.

"Service For Others" has been its long standing motto. Since 1921 the alarm has sounded clearly and resoundingly for house fires, rescues, service calls, and medical assistance.

From a small building in the beginning to the present facility, from one small piece of equipment to the present existing equipment covering all phases of emergencies, the Delmar Fire Department still is expanding for the "Service For Others".

The Fire Prevention words "Let’s Go!" from years ago still is their call to duty regardless of the type of emergency when the alarm sounds. This is constantly echoed in the minds of all members serving the community.

The Delmar Fire Department Volunteer always remembers that duty implies a vast significance: safety for all concerned. A community that has safety means peace, freedom, happiness, contentment, democracy, unhampered belief and religion, and above all, an unaltered way of life.

Those that have served as volunteers in the Delmar Fire Department carried out their duties regardless of what office they have held. They kept in mind that successful completion of their duties would bring forth the Fire Department that it is today.

Today the Department answers an average of 600 fire calls a year, and over 1,500 ambulance calls a year with an active membership of 75 firefighters, Paramedic and EMT personnel, as well as an outstanding Ladies Auxiliary that supports our department at all times.

Our present equipment includes: A Command Vehicle, a Traffic Control Unit, a Brush Vehicle, two Engine Pumpers, an Engine Pumper Tanker, a 4,000 Gallon Tanker, a Rescue Vehicle, a Ladder Truck, two Ambulances, one diesel Pick-up, one Van, and a Model A Fire Vehicle, all housed in an estimated 18,000 square foot facility that includes Paramedic quarters, meeting rooms, and a banquet hall.

Today, for those who are members of the Delmar Fire Department there is a mission in life: to fulfill each and every duty entrusted to them. They strive to be one of the "Best" in our "Service For Others" both in Maryland and Delaware as a Bi-State Community Organization.