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DFD assist Delmar Police with a pole down
Thursday, May 2, 2019

Traffic Control 74 responded to the scene of a non-injury accident to asssit Delmar Police Dept with traffic control. A pick-up truck struck a light pole in the intersection of Ocean Highway (Route 13) & Foskey Lane on the Maryland side. The pole came down and blocked the fast lane of southbound Ocean Highway. Traffic Control 74-9 blocked the fast lane of southbound Ocean Highway. Ambulance A-74 was in the area returning from the hospital and also stopped to assist by shutting down the left turn lane on northbound Ocean Highway. 74 Command performed traffic control at the intersection of Foskey Lane & Bi-State Blvd. There were no injuries. State Highway Administration arrived to set up arrow board trucks at which time Delmar Fire Dept units cleared the scene.

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