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House Fire With Exposures - Jewel Street
Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Around 12:30 hours, Station 74 (Delmar), 81 (Laurel), and 79 (Gumboro) were alerted for a structure fire on Jewel St. in Delmar. Command arrived on scene with fire showing. Firefighters arrived and began protecting the exposures surrounding the house. The house was not being lived in at the time and was undergoing renovations. Four other houses were damaged during the incident. One house across the street had briefly caught fire, and some overhaul had to be done.

Companies on scene : Station 74 (Delmar), Station 81 (Laurel), Station 79 (Gumboro), Station 71 (Blades), Station 9 (Mardela), Station 5 (Hebron).

Additional pictures from Rick Stewart