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First Due trailer fire on Tina Avenue
Monday, February 16, 2015

A second working fire for Station 74 Delmar, this time a first due fire with reported entrapment, was dispatched at 8:16pm. Stations 74 (Delmar), 81 (Laurel) and 79 (Gumboro) along with Medic 102 from Sussex County EMS were dispatched to Tina Avenue on the Delaware side during a snowstorm. The occupant of the trailer was assisted out of the house by neighbors prior to the fire department's arrival and was uninjured. Gumboro Engine 79-1 was the first engine to arrive at the fire.

Units on-scene:

Engine 74-2, Engine 74-1, Tanker 74-5, Command 74-7, Truck 74-4, Rescue 74-6, Paramedic A-74, Engine 81-3, Tower 81, Engine 79-1, Tanker 79-3, Tanker 79-5, Rescue 79, Medic 102.

You can watch a video of Engine-Tanker 74-2 responding to this incident here: