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Foam Pit & Trampoline Training
Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Delmar Firefighters and Emergency Medical personnel practiced a variety of hands-on scenarios requiring careful access, stabilization and extrication of injured people. Three situations were focused on; Foam Pit rescue, large Trampoline rescue and cribbing/shoring beneath the trampolines.

In the 6-foot deep foam pit, DFD personnel learned the best ways to move across foam blocks to access, stabilize and remove injured patients. A variety injuries were simulated with a focus on suspected spinal cord injury. Over on the large trampoline, similar scenarios were practiced requiring careful movement on a flexible, unstable surface. C-spine stabilization and splinting techniques were practiced. Meanwhile, underneath the trampolines, firefighters trained on using cribbing to help secure and stabilize the trampoline under the patients. 

This drill proved very useful not only for helping injured people in an indoor amusement park setting but the lessons learned can be applied to a variety of technical rescue situations. Special thank you to Stratosphere Trampoline Park in Delmar, Maryland for allowing Delmar Fire Dept to access the facility for training. 


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